<strong>Lulu de Paluza</strong> is an exclusive clothing brand for brave and confident women. We focus on the unique styles of our clothing, the highest quality branded materials and the Polish production of our collections.

Lulu de Paluza is an exclusive clothing brand for confident women, brave women who value uniqueness.

Dear Ladies, we have launched an online STORE ON-LINE in which you will find our rich collection of women’s PREMIUM clothing..

In our clothing store you will find all collections of Premium women’s clothing, full of sophisticated fashion designs, exclusive materials and elegance.

Lulu de Paluza is brand-name clothing of the highest quality, style and uniqueness.


Lulu de Paluza is not only an exclusive clothing brand for women, but also a team of positive people with a love of creation, uniqueness, passion, style and passion for fashion.

Lulu de Paluza they are distinguished by unique clothing styles, the highest quality of branded fabrics and Polish production. Our collections of women’s clothing are available in a limited number of copies due to the unique clothing designs and the highest quality materials.

In addition to clothes in regular sale, we also offer the possibility to design and make special orders.


We create with passion unique clothing queue so that everyone can feel special in them.