Stand out among your colleagues - long Lulu de Paluza sweaters in autumn colors

One of the most famous designers, Rachel Zoe, believes that style is a way of showing who we are without having to speak. This idea is also guided by Katarzyna Wysocka, Creative Director of the brand Lulu de Paluza. Although the designer emphasizes that her main inspiration are self-confident women with a strong character, the clothes she creates are characterized by a simple and light form.

The latest collection of Lulu de Paluza will surely appeal to people who like to experiment with fashion, combining different styles and cuts.

Milano tunics sweaters are available in many autumn colors, including mustard, light brown, olive, gray or classic black. Every woman will be able to warm up her wardrobe with a bit of the last, warm sun rays, caught between woolen weaves.

The simple form of cuts is a great base for creating casual, fashionable styles. Wool sweaters look great in combination with simple leggings and boots. Sweaters can also be combined with a pleated Milano II skirt and a vest of our brand.

The tunic fits perfectly with autumn and winter stylizations. Long sweaters look good in combination with large bags, but a simple messenger bag on a thin belt will also complete the whole look.

When creating stylizations, it is worth playing with colors. Darker shades of the sweater will look good with accessories in lighter tones. The warm sweater can also be worn with the sleeves rolled up.

The long Milano sweaters from the Basic Collection Lulu de Paluza are the perfect choice for people who like to play with fashion. Katarzyna Wysocka is inspired by modern women when creating her projects.

Short Lulu de Paluza dresses are the perfect idea for women who value comfort, but also break the usual combinations. The modern design reflects what counts most in fashion - simplicity in a good edition.

We hope that the dresses will inspire our clients to create original clothing styles.