Fashion dress with high heels

Lulu de Paluza in the BASIC collection has created an unusual combination of elegance and simple styling. Fashion dress refers to the style of the 70's. It combines simplicity and unusual chic.

The simple top with buttons is extremely chic. It fits perfectly with a very decorative bottom, with frills. This styling is dominated by a great combination of a simple shirt dress with a very elegant maxi dress. The lack of a neckline in this design does not prevent the dress from being a very sexy styling for a great occasion.

The dress perfectly emphasizes the waist thanks to a cut-off at the waist and an adjustable belt. Long sleeves make it a perfect choice for spring or autumn. In this proposal, the fashion dress from the Lulu de Paluza brand is perfectly matched with simple, varnished high heels. Heels with pointed toe perfectly extend the leg, which optically adds a bit of height.

This styling is dominated by the combination of red and black, which is why beautiful earrings with black polished stone were used as an accessory. The whole will certainly be complemented by a perfect black handbag with a simple gold clasp and a strap. The delicate and only marked combination of gold, black and red in this proposal will be perfect for great events or for Christmas styling.

This is an offer for women who appreciate classics and like distinctive accessories.


Fashion dress is a very universal proposition for many occasions. You can combine it with both high heels and slightly heavier shoes. This styling uses this feature by adding to it, instead of classic pumps, slightly more predatory and very sexy patent leather boots on a high post. The toe sole is slightly serrated, which adds even more character.

The whole thing is perfectly complemented by a black leather biker jacket. As a casual accessory, a very rock and extremely classic quilted clutch bag with studs was selected, in which, instead of a classic belt, was used a more decorative one, filled with rectangular studs.

In this version, the Lulu de Paluza dress looks much more casual. The straight top fits perfectly with the eye-catching biker jacket, and the more decorative and asymmetrical bottom draws attention to feminine and very interesting shoes. The cut at the waist also emphasizes the fitted biker jacket even more.


The fashion dress itself will be perfect for Saint Nicholas Day, but combining it with golden accessories will make the whole thing much more festive.

In this proposal, classic, but also extremely sexy golden sandals were chosen. They are tied at the ankle, but the straps along the foot make them extremely lengthen our legs.

The fashion dress has a very interesting cut, reminiscent of a classic long-sleeved shirtdress, with a surprising, asymmetrical bottom with a frill, which makes the dress look more prominent.

The binding at the waist perfectly emphasizes our waist. As accessories, gold dangling earrings in the shape of a four-leaf clover and also golden, very simple and original clutch bag, in which a decorative chain was used instead of a classic belt.


Fashion dress is an ideal proposition for great outings, but also for less obliging meetings.

Its universal cut makes it perfect not only for theater or opera. It can also be a proposal for a date or meeting with friends over wine. Styling with boots “workers” will surely be a great fit for a rock concert.

The design of the fashion dress combines the classic of a simple shirtdress with an almost ball-like version of a maxi dress. The asymmetrical bottom with a frill certainly adds a bit more of an outgoing character, but the very simple, buttoned top slightly simplifies the design, which makes it so universal. The lack of cleavage does not prevent it from being quite sexy styling. The waist cut in the form of an adjustable belt definitely emphasizes the feminine shapes. The long sleeve makes it the perfect dress for both spring and fall and even winter.

A very youthful and slightly sporty black leather-like kidney bag with two decorative zippers was introduced to the styling as an interesting accessory. The white pattern in the shape of numbers makes it a bit more sporty. Such an interesting combination fits perfectly with varnished workers, decorated with very interesting clasps above the ankle.