Katarzyna Wysocka is in a beautiful creation at the London exhibition

Katarzyna Wysocka is the main designer of the exclusive clothing brand Lulu de Paluza. The company is trusted by many Polish clients and show business stars. Recently, the brand's followers could see Katarzyna Wysocka dressed in a beautiful, tulle outfit, in which she appeared at the "Dior: Designer of Dreams" exhibition.

In the British Victoria and Albert Museum since 2 February you can admire an exhibition inspired by the projects of one of the greatest fashion creators - Christian Dior. The exhibition includes more than 500 exhibits, consisting of costumes created by a French costume designer, private photographs and accessories. The exhibition is very popular, and critics admit that it is as good as the exhibition devoted to Alekxander McQueen. No wonder that the main designer of one of the leading Polish clothing brands has decided to visit the British museum.

Katarzyna Wysocka presented herself in a beautiful tulle skirt, which will soon be available for sale at Lulu de Paluza. The creation was beautifully composed with the delicate beauty of the designer and the belt around the waist perfectly emphasized her silhouette. Katarzyna Wysocka also put on a handbag in a similar color, perfectly complementing the whole composition.

The Lulu de Paluza company offers many beautiful dresses, blouses and jackets, so if you want to impress your friends with a new look, visit the brand's online store. We believe that Katarzyna Wysocka, inspired by the projects of Christian Dior, will constantly surprise her clients with original and interesting ideas.