Elegant dresses

The latest designs of Lulu de Paluza dresses were created for women who like elegant, chic fashions and slightly more airy styles.

The dresses were made with attention to every detail, which is why the creations delight with a variety of colors and patterns. The collection also includes simple, classic flared, pencil, knee-length, and other dresses that have been appreciated by many customers for years.

Long dresses with a belt, perfect for summer evenings and walks

A long silk dress made of the highest quality material will be perfect for light and casual stylizations. The characteristic, puffed sleeves will give it a unique charm and grace. A long dress with a pack at the waist and a V-neckline will perfectly emphasize the female figure. The whole dress can be finished with holiday patterns, a funny motif that will slightly break its tenderness.

Flared dress - a proposal for young princesses

The MILA flared dress was made of pink fabric, and its sleeves are decorated with delicate bows of the same color. The dress with a zipper at the back emphasizes the delicacy of beauty and charm of every young lady. The dress will be perfect as a wedding outfit and a birthday outfit. Each girl in this dress will surely be chosen as the most beautiful prom queen. Flared dresses emphasize the beauty of every woman, regardless of her age. Choosing the right outfit depends not only on individual preferences but also on the proportions of the figure. The designers of the latest Lulu de Paluza collection took care of every detail of their projects to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Therefore the presented dresses are both elegant and extraordinary.