Love for creation, passion, uniqueness, style and fascination with trends. All those things combined made Lulu de Paluza.
Lulu de Paluza is a luxury brand for bold and confident women. We focus on unique cuts, the highest quality of fabrics and Polish production. We create with passion, so that every woman who puts on our clothes could feel special.

In our collection you will find: airy dresses and blouses, overalls and classy dresses, velvet jackets and trousers, elegant skirts.

We focus on quality and uniqueness, which is why our designs are available in a limited number of copies.
In addition to clothes in regular sale, we also offer the possibility to design and execute special orders.
Express yourself and pamper your senses with Lulu de Paluza.


Creative director and main designer of Lulu de Plauza. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
She worked at the National Fashion Chamber in Łódź and was involved in creating the image and designing of clothes for famous people from the world of theater, music and art. For years, she has worked with many stylists valued all over the world.
In 2014, she registered the Lulu de Paluza mark in Alicante and patented two designs.
Her idol is Christian Dior and his “New Look” – a symbol of timeless elegance that emphasizes feminine beauty. Her passion for beautiful things could be see in every project she creates.
“Surround yourself with beautiful objects, pamper your senses”.